Animals from around the world thrive while living in Sioux Falls. Over a hundred species dot the landscape of the Great Plains Zoo spanning almost 50 acres. Exhibits are state of the art and divided by geographical zones.

Black bears, brown bears, red wolves and American bison roam about the North American exhibit. Nearby in the African Savannah giraffes stick their neck out. Packs of African wild dogs keep an eye on Eastern black rhinoceros and Grevy’s zebras. Amur tigers and snow leopards are center stage in the Asian Cats habitat. The chitter chatter can get pretty loud when visiting the primates. Birds of a feather preen and fluff for their guests. A rainbow of colors are proudly displayed by scarlet macaws, flamingos, blue-bellied rollers, eclectus parrots and red-crested cardinals.

Monkey Around on Sioux Falls Property

Various attractions mix it up on this Sioux Falls property. The Savannah Express Train chugs about the African Savannah zone. On board passengers get background information and a behind the scenes glimpse of all the animals. Over in the Hy-Vee-Face-to-Face Farm kids of all ages interact with friendly animals. Alpaca, rare breed goats and Jacob sheep all wait for handouts of tasty feed. The Sanford Carousel has plenty of favorite critters to ride on including horses, zebras, panda bears, an elephant and even a rooster!

Conservation is key to survival of the world’s wildlife. Two dozen endangered species are living in Sioux Falls at the Great Plains Zoo. Educational efforts place them in the spotlight. Workshops and day camps teach youngsters about animal species, habitats and science. Programs are open to kids from preschoolers to teens. The littlest learners benefit from a preschool friendly curriculum. Teens who have an avid interest in the zoo can register to become a Junior ZooKeeper. And, the ZooMobile brings animal ambassadors out and about into the public eye.

The Great Plains Zoo is open everyday making spontaneous trips more than possible. Download a copy of the park map to pre-plan excursions. Take some time to monkey around.